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If you’re coming to the Wisconsin Dells, one needs to realize that there are endless things to do here. Growing up near the Dells was a very special thing for me. I grew up in Mauston Wisconsin where my father owned a bakery called Saemisch’s Bakery. He also owned one in the Wisconsin Dells and even sponsored a race car at the Dells Motor Speedway. My Dad has been gone a while now and the bakery has been gone for many years. The speedway is still there. It goes to show how many things have changed over the years. Some have come and gone, and other things like the natural beauty, the fishing and rock formations have pretty much stayed the same. One might have to come here every year or every so often just to keep up with the constant change, due to the entrepreneurial fun making spirit of the people that make the Dells what it is every year. I can remember the very first water slides that were nowhere near what they are now. 

When people think of the Dells they think of it being the water park capital of the world. There are however many other things to see and do in the Dells other than just the water parks. There is  great fishing, the Dells boat tours, the Ducks, and the ghost boat ride, which my wife and kids have all done and I think is a must. There are also magic shows, animal parks, sports complexes, and convention centers to name a few. There are many great restaurants and just about anything you could imagine to eat. Two of my favorites I will mention. If I’m feeling like a burger I would go uptown to Monks Bar and Grill and have one of their delicious burgers while looking at the steeply enriched atmosphere surrounding you with all the Wisconsin Badger football pictures. My Dad used to make the hamburger buns for them when we had the bakery. And if you wanted to really wine and dine, I like to go to Ishnala, which is located on Mirror Lake in the middle of Mirror Lake State Park. The food there is out of this world. Plus, the view is breathtaking while overlooking the lake. It has been rated the number one Supper Club in Wisconsin. You will want to call ahead to get reservations. But before you leave, make sure you get this cake that they called “death by chocolate”. Every day you could be doing something different in the Wisconsin Dells. One day you might go on a fishing excursion with me or one of the other local guides, and another day you might be taking a boat trip or going to a water park. Or maybe while your wives and kids are at the water parks going down all the slides, that same day you and your buddy could take your fishing trip. There is something here for everybody. So spend a week in the Wisconsin Dells and check out the Dells Visitors Bureau. Here is the link.

Here is Bob with a nice pike. Remember me talking about that “death by chocolate” cake? Bob is the owner of Ishnala. This is the link of the number one supper club in the State. This is a must in your lifetime of dining excursions.


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My main bodies of water that I fish are Lake Redstone, Castle Rock Lake, Lake Petenwell Flowage and the Wisconsin River. There are others that I like and I am always expanding my horizons.

I tend to fish a lot of overlooked muskie waters that I know are well stocked. This has paid off well for me.

I encourage you to partake and endure in a Wisconsin muskie fishing adventure with me! You can catch plenty of nice pike along the way also

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