Little Jitter Spinner

Musky marks Jitter Spinner. Whether it’s the small Marabou Jitter Spinner or the larger flashabou version, they both get pike and Muskies coming to the dinner table. These also come through the water easy so they’re not hard to reel. Because of the width of the blade it kind of cams around the shaft if you will, causing the pulse and vibration to fluctuate oddly. For many years we have all known that big game fish Key in on injured baitfish. This creation of mine, I believe is the first-of-its-kind to create that feeling in a spinnerbait. So when you’re affecting the lateral line of the next fish that you bring a bait by, why not make that fish feel like something injured just entered it’s territory. $25 for the large flashabou and $15 for the smaller Marabou. And add for shipping.

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